AGES 15-18



AGE 15-18, (4 DAYS A WEEK)

Prepare to conquer your competition. This program is to develop strength, power, speed, and agility. Any athlete who wants to further their career in their sport must realize that training will be a huge part of their routine. We will be implementing our academic requirements as well. If the requirements are not met then they will not be able to train full time. This is a crucial part of their growth, development and preparation for postgraduate studies. Our student athletes will learn to balance academics with their athletics, and everyday life. We want them to develop good habits that will carry them throughout their competitive athletic career.

Broaden Character development, mental focus, and academic preparedness, knowing the requirements needed for their chosen college or university. D1 D2 D3 NAIA, CIS. Goal setting.

Living healthy balanced lifestyle, training and terminology, nutrition

Advanced speed training, linear and lateral, advanced ploy’s, sport specific strength training, advanced flexibly, joint stability and mobility


AGE 15-18, (5 DAYS A WEEK)

This program is for the serious athlete that is fully committed to going to a College or University. This program includes everything in the Ready program but taking things more seriously in the recruitment process. This program will include all guidelines needed to meet their divisional requirements, from proper scheduling of tests that need to be taken, classes needed, and proper exposure. This program will include an athlete profile on our website that recruiters and coaches will have access to. We will need a copy of their transcripts and highlight film.

Mandatory goal setting classes mental preparedness classes and health and nutrition class. Outside source for tutoring group tutoring package available.

Full monthly meal plans implementing a healthy lifestyle. Training and terminology. Proper recovery and regeneration, decreasing injury potential.

Advanced strength and conditioning program, Olympic lifts, advanced speed and agility training.

All our athletes will be assessed at the start of their program so we can build their program to their specific goals and needs. Again if the athlete does not meet our academic standards we will not be able to train them full time.


AGE 14-18, (12 1-ON-1 SESSIONS)

This program is designed for the out-of-town athlete. It is an intense three-a-day workout program, over the weekend, spread out over two weekends in a month. It will consist of a lift session in the morning, a run session in the afternoon, and another lift session in the evening. Your program will be specifically designed for you and your needs.

Character development, mental development, goal setting.

Training and terminology, healthy lifestyle, nutrition

Speed, Strength, agility and flexibility, plyometrics , joint mobility and stability.

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