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We teach our clients to Prepare, Perform, and Prevail.

Our programs offer the foundation for speed, strength, and athleticism, while building confidence and improving self-esteem.

We offer truly holistic training programs that cater to different ages and skill sets. We emphasize the importance of setting goals and building character. We encourage our athletes to continually challenge their horizons and to recognize that the primary limits they face are self-imposed.

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“ I would like to take this time and opportunity to share my view, perception, and appreciation for the program Air RAID.
Air RAID is a program that encompasses so many qualities, attributes and growth, it’s a program that I feel honoured to have my son a part of.
When my Son first joined Air RAID, I witnessed something that I hadn’t , nor had my son experienced , and that was a program that had core values that included a feeling of family, academics, attitude and athletics.
I’ve watched my Son grow up before my eyes while in Air RAID, his growth athletically is phenomenal, but his growth in attitude and compassion for others in the program, and his desire and want to help others is a Gift, instilled upon him by both Eddie and Karen Ferg.
He is pushed academically, and understands that his grades are beyond important, should he choose to continue on, this is yet another gift of Air RAID.
In closing, I would simply like to reiterate my appreciation for a program that has taken a boy and begun to transform him into a man, a man who will be ready for the world, Athletically , combined with a strong and proper Attitude, and academically strong for the future.
Air RAID and its owners and teachers, Eddie and Karen Ferg are beyond the real deal, in every facet of life and sport, and I am honoured to be along for the ride, and the journey.

Sincerely, and yours Truly, ”

Alex Golab, father of Zach Golab
“ Air Raid Academy has been essential in order for me to progress and develop as a U Sports quarterback. When I joined Air Raid in grade 11, I was instantly thrown into a productive training schedule with other athletes who shared the same goals of raising their ceilings. After working out with Air Raid, I felt unstoppable and had the endurance required for success throughout the entire junior season.
Additionally, Eddie and Karen’s competitive training environment helped me reach a physical and psychological level that I otherwise would not have been able to. In other words, by consulting Air Raid Academy both during the active season and in the off-season, I was able to ask more of myself. Prior to deciding to attend U of T, Air Raid Academy helped me explore all of my options for playing in the US and improve my chances of doing so.
Air Raid has molded me into someone who can stand out among top-tier athletes, and with that being said, Air Raid Academy’s coaching and mentorship are invaluable. “
Kinsale Philip, QB @UofT

“I first started training with air raid in 2020 during the pandemic, I remember what first stood out to me was the relationships that Eddie and Karen built with the athletes they were working with. Those relationships are ultimately what puts Air Raid above and beyond any other performance academy out there. I’ve played Major division 1 football at Tennessee and have been playing professionally in the CFL and NFL and I can say Air Raids training is consistent with what we do at the highest levels. Not only in training but expectation of performance and the accountability that’s held. I recommend Air Raid to any young athlete who wants to take his or hers game to the next level! If you dream BIG Air Raid is the place for you!”

Jonathan Kongbo , Denver Broncos
“I decided to join air raid academy because I believed I needed to take the next step in my athletics career to train and prepare like a pro! Air raid academy has not only helped me develop on the field and in the weight room, but also with mentality training and helping me overcome obstacles in life and in athletics.”
Jalen Philpot , CFL First round draft pick Calgary Stampeders
“I have been training with air raid academy for over a decade and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of both Eddie and Karen! What makes air raid great is the time spent working on the game within the game.. being able to push past mental barriers to conquer your mind is what separates us from the rest. This mentality is preached and tested with every session. Karen and Eddie have created a culture that breeds success. The standard is set!”
Malcom Lee , CFL free agent
“Air Raid Academy has helped me reach new heights on the football field, classroom, and in the weight room. This program has given me numerous opportunities throughout my career such as playing football at the Division 1 level.”
Ethan Yip, EHS prep to William and Marry D1 Scholarship
“I started Air Raid with Karen and Eddie, about and 6 years ago. I’ve followed their plan, coaching and workouts. This has helped me develop into a Division 1 athlete.”
Tremel States-Jones, South Alabama D1 Scholarship
“ARA athletics are hands-down the best trainers in the lower mainland. Their knowledge and dedication to their clients is unmatched. They have personally helped me ascend my athletic ability to new heights. I’ve become faster stronger and more explosive all while learning how to move with more efficiency. I am forever grateful for Eddie and Keren and only wish I had met them sooner.”
Trivel Pinto, CFL Draft pick
“I have been training with ARA since 2018 and am coming close to it being four full years of training. After my first year of training with them I saw huge improvements in my strength, speed, and quickness, and even put on twenty pounds of muscle. On top of this, my technique and knowledge of football improved tremendously. However, what makes ARA so special for me is the culture and community. Training with ARA I have got to work out with Division one and professional players on a daily basis. I get to learn from them and see how they approach training, taking care of their bodies, and the game of football overall. After a bit, the division one and professional players start to seem like older brothers as they are always the ones leading by example and setting the standard for everyone else. ARA doesn’t feel so much like a community just because of the players you get to train with, but also because of the trainers. Eddie and Karen are people that want nothing more than to help you achieve your goals and they are willing to stick their neck out for you if it means helping you get closer to your goal. At the end of the day, ARA is more of a family that all share a common goal rather than just a training group.”
Brandon Wong Phillips, Exeter Prep School Scholarship
“Airraid academy taught me that with hard work and discipline, anything is possible. They gave me all the tools I needed to have a successful career in athletics and in life. They instilled a resilient work ethic into me by helping me gain confidence in my abilities.”
Noah Usherwood
“My son has been a part of ARA for the past 10 years. They have helped shape him in to the person he is today. They are more than just athletics. ARA is a lifestyle of chasing excellence in every aspect of your life. They are so amazingly gifted at what they do, it is no surprise some of the best athletes in Canada work with them. ARA covers athletics, academics and most importantly mental health. They are the best life and athletic coaches out there!”
Ted Kirby
“Our son was looking to make big improvements in his game. We had been doing weekend camps when they came around but progress was slow. We learned about Air Raid Academy from other parents in community football and thought we’d give it a try. Progress was immediately noticeable. Having a structured, year round plan has made all the difference. Not only is he playing the best ball of his life, he is enjoying himself on the field and in training. Additionally, the conditioning has kept him free of any serious injury. We can’t say enough good things about the Air Raid Academy!”
Mike Jupp
“ Air Raid Academy is the place to be if you are an athlete that is mentally prepared to take your game to the next level. The trainers there were quick to set my priorities straight on and off the field. Results from the combined efforts of the athletes and the trainers were instant and from that point on I was only hungrier to see how much more I could grow before showing off my new athleticism on the field. ”
“ Entrusting someone to have your children’s best interest at heart is a BIG DEAL!! Air Raid Academy has definitely proven that they are more than making successful athletes; they are about making outstanding individuals and members of society. We have been so blessed by having Karen and Eddie in our lives since our son was 10 years old, and they have walked along side with us in our journey (good and bad!) to getting Malcom to his goals. We are so proud of the work that they do, and how they personalize the training to fit the individual. They do way more than they should, and for that we are grateful! ”
“ Coming to Air Raid Academy has Been one of the best decisions I have ever made. They have given me opportunities to showcase my abilities and have helped me improve as an all around athlete. They do the little things that other trainers won’t do and with their help I have received a full ride scholarship to play in the US.
Thanks again Air Raid! ”
“ Air Raid Academy has helped me accomplish so much as an individual athlete. All the work we do has improved my toughness, strength and athletic skills. Without Air Raid, I would not be the same player I am today. ”
“ Air Raid has opened so many doors for me and pushed me to be the best athlete I can be, not just physically but mentally as well. From running, to lifting, to showing us all the opportunities we can take advantage of, Air Raid gives us the best chance of being successful and taken our talents to the next level. They’ve helped to put my name on the map, managed my nutrition, taken me to the top camps, and spent extra time with me to make sure that I am doing everything I need to be the very best. Eddie and Karen have done so much for me, and I will always consider myself part of the Air Raid family. ”
“ Air Raid Academy has challenged me as an athlete and shown me that any goal is obtainable through hard work and dedication. They push their athletes to be able to compete at the highest level. Air Raid has given me the opportunity to not only train with top athletes, they have given me the encouragement and support to follow my dreams. Air Raid has given me all the tools needed to be faster and stronger this season. ”
“ Joined Air Raid in 2016! Prior to joining I had 0 weight room experience and 0 track and speed experience I was just relying on pure talent. Joining ARA allowed me to unlock my true potential as an athlete and a football player on and off the field. I was able to develop a killer mindset that would push me to be the hardest worker in the room. And I was also fortunate to be around great football players and athletes who pushed you to be your best always. Ultimately all the long training days spent in the gym and rainy days spent on the track with Karen and Eddie and the ARA Family, allowed me to achieve the football goals I set for myself as a young kid! ”
Tyson Philpot, First round CFL draft pick Montreal Alouettes
“ I have been training with Air Raid Academy for three years and it has been a key factor in my growth as an athlete. The trainers Eddie and Karen are fully committed to me and my personal goals. In addition they have instilled in me the values of dedication, commitment, and competition. I am forever grateful for the time and effort Air Raid Academy has invested in me. ”
Owen Seiben

“ As a parent of an athlete, we’ve been privileged to train with Air raid academy since 2017 and to be around such great coaches. Coach Eddie and Karen is one of the most organized and knowledgeable coaches ever been around. His knowledge is surpassed only by the enthusiasm & dynamism which is an inspiration to all of us. Both our boys have learned so much and advanced with their football skill is amazing.He has a brilliant coaching style & I would recommend his camps to anyone. Thank you Air raid family! ”

Sherin Ali

“ I’ve been going to Air Raid since 2014 and over the years they have helped shape me not only as an athlete but as a person. Coach Eddie and Coach Karen have taught me life lessons that I use to this day with values such as respect, patience, work ethic, and much more. As a student, Eddie and Karen hold me to a standard they know I can achieve with hard work and dedication. They check my report card at the end of every term or semester which pushes me to make my academics a priority so I can continue to play sports at the next level. With my athletics and training, ARA drives me to play at an elite level and to never be satisfied. They give me the confidence to do so by motivating me and pushing me to train harder than I even think my body can work. Training alongside high level, professional athletes gives me motivation to push myself beyond my limits. Air Raid is a second family to me and without them I would be no where. They believe in me when no one else does and they are there for me when I need it and I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for my life. ”

Jake Kirby
“ One word that captures everything I have learned here at Air Raid is relentlessness. No matter the circumstances, holding yourself to a higher standard as far as work ethic that sets you apart from the rest, and applying it to life both in and out of sport. ”
Kojo Odoom, Rookie defensive player of the year Western University
“ Air Raid Academy is a great place to train. What I love most about working with Eddie and Karen is the culture that they have built. The competitive nature of training with them really brought the best out of me and my peers. ”
Michael O’Conner, BC Lions QB

“ I started playing football in the 10th grade and set the goal to earn a scholarship and play at the Division 1 level. Some told me that it was an unrealistic goal, getting into football that late and being from Canada. Air Raid Academy believed in my development and pushed me to accomplish that goal.

ARA is truly a way to surround yourself with athletes who are pursuing the best versions of themselves. The passion and care that Eddie and Karen put into ARA makes it become something much more than just training. ”

Denzel Mountali
“ Training with Air Raid Academy was a key for my progression as an athlete. I saw steady but noticeable improvements in various aspects of physical training. Not only did they help me immensely with physical training, they also provided encouragement, nutritional advice, life advice and much more. Working with high quality trainers that create a very friendly and welcoming environment is a huge blessing and I would not be the athlete that I am today without them. ”
Chris Kongbo, McGill University
“ We joined the ARA family in January 2017 after my boys had been looking to take their athletic training for football to the next level. Not only was it the on-field footwork/skills development that they were looking for but also weightlifting, running, nutrition and meal planning. Karen and Eddie have been a big support to the entire family and have always had my boy’s best interest at heart. Being a part of the ARA family has been much more than we ever expected, and we wish we had joined sooner. ”
Colleen Purcell, #arafamilyforlife

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