Air Raid Academy is the place to be if you are an athlete that is mentally prepared to take your game to the next level. The trainers there were quick to set my priorities straight on and off the field. Results from the combined efforts of the athletes and the trainers were instant and from that point on I was only hungrier to see how much more I could grow before showing off my new athleticism on the field.

– Treymont Levy

Entrusting someone to have your children’s best interest at heart is a BIG DEAL!!  Air Raid Academy has definitely proven that they are more than making successful athletes; they are about making outstanding individuals and members of society.  We have been so blessed by having Karen and Eddie in our lives since our son was 10 years old, and they have walked along side with us in our journey (good and bad!) to getting Malcom to his goals.  We are so proud of the work that they do, and how they personalize the training to fit the individual.  They do way more than they should, and for that we are grateful!

– Ruth Lee

Coming to Air Raid Academy has Been one of the best decisions I have ever made. They have given me opportunities to showcase my abilities and have helped me improve as an all around athlete. They do the little things that other trainers won’t do and with their help I have received a full ride scholarship to play in the US.
Thanks again Air Raid!

– Jalen Jana

Air Raid Academy has helped me accomplish so much as an individual athlete. All the work we do has improved my toughness, strength and athletic skills. Without Air Raid, I would not be the same player I am today.

– Darius McKay

Air Raid has opened so many doors for me and pushed me to be the best athlete I can be, not just physically but mentally as well. From running, to lifting, to showing us all the opportunies we can take advantage of, Air Raid gives us the best chance of being successful and taken our talents to the next level. They’ve helped to put my name on the map, managed my nutrition, taken me to the top camps, and spent extra time with me to make sure that I am doing everything I need to be the very best. Eddie and Karen have done so much for me, and I will always consider myself part of the Air Raid family.

– Terrell Jana


Air Raid Academy has challenged me as an athlete and shown me that any goal is obtainable through hard work and dedication. They push their athletes to be able to compete at  the highest level.  Air Raid has given me the opportunity to not only train with top athletes, they have given me the encouragement and support to follow my dreams.  Air Raid has given me all the tools needed to be faster and stronger this  season.

– Khalik Johnson

Training with Air Raid has been  absolutely amazing. Air Raid has provided me with amazing training and knowledge at the same time keeping me focused on chasing my dreams and goals as a student athlete. Also they have provided more structure in my life, keeping me in good shape and ready to dominate on the playing field.

– Shane Noel


My name is Loren Beck my son Michael Beck has been working out with Air Raid for the past year , and I have seen quite a huge improvement with this great workout program for Michael. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has a son or daughter who is a future athlete . They workout 5 days a week . Eddie Ferg and Karen Lopez have taught so much to these future athletes. Thank you!

– Loren Beck

Air Raid Academy represents knowledge and experience. In August 2014, my two sons started training with Karen and Eddie. One son had surgery and he required his training to match his recovery. The other son had to learn proper running and lifting techniques. Karen and Eddie developed individual programs to help motivate and accomplish each boy’s goals.

Also, their knowledge of the American football camps, combines and college recruiting system has helped our family understand the path to success at the college level.

Air Raid Academy trains the whole student athlete! They have educated and motivated my young men to be better students and athletes.

Thank you very much for your dedication to our sons.

– Andrew and Jackie Akpata

Training with Air raid has done nothing but benefit my game. With supportive and knowledgeable coaches by your side, it makes achieving your goals much easier, no matter what sport you play. Air raid has provided more structure in my life, keeping me much more focused on making my dream come true.

– Spencer Moore

Air Raid has been more than helpful to me.  If you put a 100% into Air Raid you’re  guaranteed to reach your goal.  It teaches you not only to physically dominate but to be mentally tougher than any opponent you come across.

– Jordan Lund

Air raid academy made my dream into reality. A few years ago if you asked me if I was going to play university football, my response would’ve been a no. Not because I didn’t want to but I didn’t think I was capable. Towards the end of my grade 11 year I was invited by my close friend Malcom Lee to train with Karen and Eddie. The type of training we would undergo was unimaginative. It was physically and mentally demanding. I still remember my first workout. That workout I was kept speechless by the pain that was going through my legs. With all that work I put in that summer with them, I was able to have my best season in my high school career till this date. Slowly Air Raid expanded from two friends in Karen’s home gym to what it is now, a group of young athletes with a similar goal. A huge part in my success had to be Eddie and Karen never giving up on me. The results I continue see from this program are amazing. Just through one summer I got faster, stronger and smarter. Air raid also surrounds you with the right group of people to get you where you want. I have worked with pro athletes and coaches to help better my skill level. For Air Raid academic excellence is just as important. They will again surround you with the people to help you reach your goal. I ultimately enjoyed my time. The only regret I have is wishing I worked harder and started earlier. I would recommend this to any athlete not just football. My brother joined the group just last year to help him in basketball and quickly saw results. Success is not easy, you get what you put in. So with dedication and help from Air Raid, I am now able to play university football.

– Noah Usherwood