About Us


Air Raid Academy puts Attitude and Academics first. How you manage your self, your respect for self and others, and how well you listen to instructions. We require copies of your transcripts as well as your GPA. If your GPA starts to falter we will decrease your training time. We do have access to outside sources to help you with tutoring, and test preparation.

Air Raid Academy has a strong network across Canada and the US. Our number one goal is to help our student athletes achieve their goal of furthering their education and sports career in a collegiate level all the way to Profesional. Our recruitment process starts in the NXTLevel program, you will be assessed to see if you currently meet the requirements needed for your chosen division. This means academically and athletically. Your program will then be designed to help you meet and surpass the requirements. Once you meet the requriments your profile will be made with all the needed information, grades, stats, highlight films, results. Your profile will be place in our data base on the website which recruiters and coaches across Canada and US will have access too. ARA also stands for Academics, Responsibility, and Achievements. If your Academics and Athletics are great, it shows your Responsibility to your goals and self, therefore all your Achievements will get noticed.

Karen Lopez:

BCRPA Personal Training Certificate,  NCCP Competition Development, Canfit Pro FTS and PTS certificate. Precision Nutrition Level 1 certificate. National level Sprinter, National level Body building competitor.

Specializes in: Speed, Strength, Movement, Nutrition, Academic Requirments.


Eddie Ferg

Eddie Ferg has been involved in sports and high level competitive sports  for the majority of his life. He played sports such as baseball, football, basketball, floor hockey, track and field and ball hockey and has been training athletes for the last 10 years. Eddie is currently working on his NFA WRA certification as well as the ISSA Elite trainer certificate. Eddie is the Offensive Co-ordinator for the Langley Rams, who in 2014 were the highest scoring offense in the nation, and won the BC Championship.